pdfFactory Support

Upgrading to pdfFactory 6

pdfFactory 6 highlights: pdfFactory 6 delivers the most requested features including page rotation and undo/redo as well as performance and stability improvements. It is our best work to date, and…

Using the Line note

This video shows how to use the Line note.

Upgrading to pdfFactory Pro 6

pdfFactory Pro 6 highlights: pdfFactory Pro 6 delivers the most requested features including page rotation, undo/redo and note rotation. It is our best work to date, and a worthwhile upgrade….

Windows 10 error

When upgrading to Windows 10, sometimes a file copy error is displayed.  This is fixed as follows: Go  to: c:/users/$username$/documents/FinePrint files  (FinePrint) c:/users/$username$/documents/PDF files  (pdfFactory) Then right click to properties. Security tab, edit…

How do I run pdfFactory?

For instructions, click here.

Paste PDF into existing email

pdfFactory has a “Send via email” button which will add a PDF to a new email. When you are using an email client such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird or Notes,…

Slow operation

In some cases, antivirus software can interfere with the operation of our software. You may need to configure your AV software to whitelist the program exe files in order to…

Garbled output from Google Chrome

If you print from Google Chrome to pdfFactory and the result is blocky, unsearchable text, try using Ctrl-Shift-P from Chrome when printing.  This displays the system print dialog box instead…

PDF/A Archiving (Pro only)

We have added PDF/A support to pdfFactory Pro. This means that if you specify PDF/A-1b when you use pdfFactory Pro (it is in the Settings tab under PDF Level), your…

MAPI Issues with web-based email

The pdfFactory Send button uses MAPI to interface to client-based MAPI email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird.  If you are using gMail, Yahoo mail, Outlook 365, AOL or other…

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl p  Print Ctrl s  save Ctrl e  send using email Ctrl +  zoom in Ctrl –  zoom out Ctrl 0  (zero)  zoom to fit page Alt v  view pdf…

URL links

Embedded URLs such as those contained in links like “click here” are not sent to printers when documents are printed.  This means that pdfFactory has no way to retain them…

Apply initial settings

You can create an installation process that includes the registration code or other settings by using an ini file. Unzip the downloaded .exe file into a directory using winzip or…

Importing a signature

There are a few ways to get your signature into pdfFactory Pro: Scan your signature Use a drawing app on your smartphone and write your signature with your finger. Copy…

Using links

pdfFactory will create a clickable link for any fully spelled out URL it encounters when processing a document.  It will not create embedded links for text such as “click here”….

Clearing the title

If the PDF title does not change from one pdfFactory session to the next, it can be cleared by right-clicking the pdfFactory icon in the Windows printers folder, selecting Printing…

Printing from pdfFactory

In addition to creating pdfs, pdfFactory can print directly to your printer.  This makes it a great print previewer as well as a pdf creator.  Just click the Print button…

How can I improve graphic quality?

Try turning off the image downsampling and JPEG compression in the Graphics tab in the pdfFactory Printing Preferences from the Windows Printers/Faxes folder.

Outlook 365 issues

When installing Outlook 365 on a computer that previously had Outlook 2010, the following error can occur: MAPISendMail: Failed to submit message. Attachments to the message exceeded the size limit…

How do I remove the trial version banner?

Enter the registration code you received in your purchase confirmation email into the About dialog box when you next print to pdfFactory.  Click here for more info.

Issues with the Send button

Outlook email messages may not contain signatures when used with MAPI.  Try disabling the Outlook signatures as a first step to fixing any MAPI error messages.  Click here

Copying settings a new computer

The pdfFactory settings including additional pdfFactory printers are stored in my documents/pdf files/fpp*.ini.  Copy this file to corresponding location on the new computer and install or reinstall pdfFactory.  Settings from…

Why are my PDFs scaled to a smaller size than the original document when printed from Acrobat?

This is because Acrobat is scaling the document. To resolve this, uncheck all the scaling options in the Copies and Adjustments section in the Acrobat Print dialog box.

How can I convert a number of files to PDF without opening and printing each of them?

To print multiple files (batch printing): Open the Printers/Faxes folder in the Windows Start menu and set the default printer to pdfFactory. Open the pdfFactory Printing Preferences (right-click the pdfFactory…

Does pdfFactory preserve URL links in documents?

pdfFactory Pro supports URLs in standard such as http://, file:// and standard email addresses. It does not support links that contain anything other than a fully spelled out URL or…

Can I download old versions of pdfFactory?

How do I remove the margins in pdfFactory?

Open the Devices and Printers folder, right-click on the pdfFactory icon, select Printing Preferences, click Metrics and set the pdfFactory margins to 0.

How do I combine documents into a single PDF?

pdfFactory will automatically combine documents for you once the pdfFactory screen is displayed. Just keep printing to pdfFactory and the preview display will update when new print jobs are received.

Does pdfFactory work with Terminal Server/Citrix Metaframe?

Yes, it does. Please see our Server Editions for more information.

pdfFactory Developer Kit

The registry keys below comprise the SDK for pdfFactory.   Some of the keys do not exist by default and should be created before they are used. Setting the display…