Using Encryption

Security settings can be accessed from the Settings/Security menu command or by clicking on the Lock icon in the status bar when a secure PDF file is created.

pdfFactory uses the strongest available encryption method (256-bit AES). If the PDF file level was explicitly set, pdfFactory will create a secure PDF file using the strongest encryption method that is compatible with the PDF file level.

The security settings affect the PDF file level as follows:

128-bit RC4: PDF 1.4
128-bit AES: PDF 1.6
256-bit AES: PDF 1.7

Encrypted metadata requires PDF 1.6 or above, regardless of which encryption method (AES or RC4) is used in the PDF file.

pdfFactory chooses the best PDF level based on the contents of the file. If a specific PDF level is desired it can be selected in the Settings/General dialog box or in the menu located in the main status bar. Note that if one of the PDF/A levels is selected then secure PDF files cannot be created.

Some security settings in pdfFactory (encryption method, metadata, and master password) are hidden by default. These settings can be accessed by checking the option “Show advanced settings in the Security dialog” which is located in the Settings/General dialog box.