FinePrint Support

How do I run FinePrint?

FinePrint is a printer driver and is selected as the printer from your application. See Feature Tour »

Can I change the size of fonts?

Font sizes are limited by the amount of free margin. You can reduce the amount of margin in the Margin control by setting it to “none”. If you are using…

Why are the top and bottom margins so big in booklet and 2 up mode?

This is due to the difference in aspect ratio between a full sheet of letter paper and a half sheet. A half sheet of letter paper is taller with respect…

Why are my printouts cut off on the right hand side when printing web pages?

This problem can usually be fixed by reducing the margins from the Page Setup dialog box of your browser.

The duplex setting in FinePrint has no effect with my HP printer.

On some hp duplex printers, the FinePrint duplex setting does not work. This is corrected as follows: 1. Right-click the hp printer icon in the Windows printers folder. 2. Select…

Insert blank page

The insert page icon will appear when hovering over the left or right border of the page.

Transparent bitmaps

There are cases where copying and pasting images into FinePrint will result in an opaque background rather than transparent.  To fix, open the image in Paint, then copy and paste…

Why do I experience slow printing when using FinePrint?

Try uninstalling all printers and then reinstalling them, testing with FinePrint after each installation. This should solve the problem.

Can I download older versions of FinePrint?

Apply initial settings

You can create an installation process that includes the registration code or other settings by using an ini file. Unzip the downloaded .exe file into a directory using winzip or…