Send button configuration

The Send button can now be configured to use different methods when sending PDF files by email.  In the Settings dialog, Email tab, the following options are available:
– Outlook
– Command line

The Outlook option launches Microsoft Outlook directly to create an email message containing the PDF file as an attachment.  This option requires Microsoft Office to be installed on the computer.

The MAPI option uses the Windows Messaging API to communicate with any installed MAPI-compliant email application.  With this method, an email message containing the PDF file as an attachment is created in the email application.

The command line option allows any application or script to be invoked.

– in pdfFactory Pro, if the MAPI option is selected then other message settings can be customized (e.g. To, Subject, etc)
– with the command line option, the PDF file name is passed as an argument to the application or script using the special argument “%1”

Here are some examples that show what command lines might look like:
– “%Program Files%\folder_name\program_name.exe” /some_other_option “%1”
– “C:\folder_name\script_name.cmd” /some_other_option “%1”
– “\\SERVER\share\folder_name\program_name.exe” /some_other_option “%1”
– etc.