Escape and Enter key behavior

The ESCAPE and ENTER key behavior has changed in FinePrint 10 and pdfFactory 7. If you prefer the old behavior of the Esc key, you can enable it in the…

Using the polygon note

This video explains how to use use the polygon note in your documents.

Why doesn’t the registration code I just received work when I try to enter it?

Please make sure you are using the very latest release of the product you purchased. Get the latest releases on our home page.

How to avoid the “do you trust this printer” message

Some systems require installing the FinePrint Software certificate to the client PC Trusted Publishers certificate store, Machine/Enterprise not per-user.  Download the certificate below and install using your preferred method.

Will the trial version banner be removed when I purchase?

Once you enter the registration code after purchasing, the banner will be removed.

How do I move my software to another computer?

Download your software to the new computer and use the registration code you already have to unlock it. Download previous versions here. Lookup registration code here. Restoring Settings:…

Using virtual paper trays to apply letterheads

Any letterhead can be made into a virtual paper tray. By selecting a letterhead’s virtual paper tray when printing, a Windows application can direct FinePrint or pdfFactory Pro to apply…

Insert page

Inserting pages is done by hovering the mouse over the left or right border of the page.  Clicking the insert page icon will add a page before or after the…

Complete reinstall

In order to reinstall the products as though for the first time, follow these steps: 1.  Delete my documents/pdf files/fp*.ini (pdfFactory) or my documents/fineprint files/fp*.ini (FinePrint) 2.  Uninstall the product…

Delete printer

FinePrint and pdfFactory Pro allow the creation of multiple printers.  To delete a printer, go to the Start menu, Devices and Printers folder.  Right-click the printer to get to the…