FinePrint Support

Upgrading to FinePrint 9

FinePrint 9 highlights: FinePrint 9 delivers the most requested features including page rotation, undo/redo and note rotation. It is our best work to date, and a worthwhile upgrade. Much faster…

How do I run FinePrint?

FinePrint is a printer driver and is selected as the printer from your application. See Feature Tour »

Can I change the size of fonts?

Font sizes are limited by the amount of free margin. You can reduce the amount of margin in the Margin control by setting it to “none”. If you are using…

Copies location

We moved the location of the Copies command in recent versions of FinePrint.  It is located on the page dog-ear.  We intend to add the copies function back to its…

Why are the top and bottom margins so big in booklet and 2 up mode?

This is due to the difference in aspect ratio between a full sheet of letter paper and a half sheet. A half sheet of letter paper is taller with respect…

Why are my printouts cut off on the right hand side when printing web pages?

This problem can usually be fixed by reducing the margins from the Page Setup dialog box of your browser.

The duplex setting in FinePrint has no effect with my HP printer.

On some hp duplex printers, the FinePrint duplex setting does not work. This is corrected as follows: 1. Right-click the hp printer icon in the Windows printers folder. 2. Select…

The duplex setting in FinePrint has no effect with my Brother printer.

On some Brother duplex printers, the FinePrint duplex setting does not work. This can be corrected as follows: 1. Right-click the Brother printer icon in the Windows printers folder. 2….

Why do I experience slow printing when using FinePrint?

Try uninstalling all printers and then reinstalling them, testing with FinePrint after each installation. This should solve the problem.

Can I download older versions of FinePrint?

Apply initial settings

You can create an installation process that includes the registration code or other settings by using an ini file. Unzip the downloaded .exe file into a directory using winzip or…

Quick Bypass

If you want to print directly to your printer without previewing in FinePrint, hold the shift key while clicking the Print button when printing from your applications. This will send…

How do I fix double-sided and booklet printing problems?

Problem: On duplex printers, pages print upside down and on the backside of the paper. Solution: Check the “landscape/portrait produces vertical flipping” box in the Advanced dialog. Problem: The pages…

How do I rearrange pages?

Right click the page you want to move and select “Cut”. Scroll to the destination page, right-click and select “Paste”.

Blank page correction

On some printers, printing an odd number of pages in double-sided mode can cause problems because the printer does not print the  blank pages that are required to keep the…

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl p  Print Ctrl f  Create pdf using pdfFactory Ctrl s  save Ctrl o  open Ctrl +  zoom in Ctrl –  zoom out Ctrl 0  (zero)  zoom to fit page…

Right-to-left printing

To allow right-to-left printing for languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, open the Customize dialog box in the Layout tab by right-clicking anywhere in the Layout tab and select the…

Handling shipping return labels

FinePrint is great for reducing the amount of paper and ink for shipping return labels.

Why are my pages in the wrong order in the preview, such as page 2 followed by page 1?

This is a vestige of days before FinePrint where you checked the Reverse box on the Word print dialog box. This is not necessary with FinePrint so the reverse option…

Does FinePrint support DOS printing?

For DOS applications, you need to capture the screen output to a file using the “>” operator and then print the resulting file with a Windows application in order to…

How can I make A4 the default paper size?

In the Printers folder, right-click on the FinePrint Driver and select “Printing preferences”. Select A4 in the Paper Size list box.

Why do my Page tags reappear after I have deleted them?

The default page tags keep reappearing because they are refreshed from the system page tag  file. If you delete this file then the page tags will not reappear. The system page…

How do I disable the display of the FinePrint dialog box?

The FinePrint dialog box display modes can be set by using the FinePrint Preferences in the Windows Printers/Faxes folder which is available from the Windows Start menu. See Feature…

Why do I get a Win32 error when I install?

Click here for info.

Can FinePrint scale one paper size to another?

Yes. Suppose you want to print an 11×17 document on letter size paper or print an A3 document on A4 paper. In your application, set the paper size to the…

How do I uninstall?

Go to the Add/Remove programs icon in the Control Panel and remove it from there.

How do I get technical support?

Before you send a technical support request, make sure you have the latest version. We are constantly improving the product and fixing problems. You can email us at

FinePrint Developer Kit

Integrating FinePrint with your application is quite easy. Since FinePrint is a printer driver, you can print to the FinePrint driver just as you would any other printer.  The information…

Windows 10 default printer issue

On some installations of Windows 10, the default printer changes to the last printer used.  Click here for a solution.