PDF/A Archiving (Pro only)

We have added PDF/A support to pdfFactory Pro. This means that if you specify PDF/A-1b when you use pdfFactory Pro (it is in the Settings tab under PDF Level), your PDFs will be viewable and printable on any computer for the foreseable future. Use PDF/A for your photos, financial and legal documents or anything else that requires long term archiving. Some things to think about when using PDF/A:

  • Your PDFs will be bit larger because all fonts are embedded.
  • You cannot use any PDF security options as PDF/A files are always unencrypted.
  • Transparency is not supported but we do our best to get around the problem. You may need to test to make sure you get the correct results when using transparency.

As always with pdfFactory Pro, you can turn PDF/A on and off without reprinting your document. We are happy to bring you this important new capability. Enjoy.

Note: pdfFactory Pro 3.45 containing PDF/A is a free upgrade for pdfFactory Pro 3 registered users.