How do I fix double-sided and booklet printing problems?

Problem: On duplex printers, pages print upside down and on the backside of the paper.
Solution: Check the “landscape/portrait produces vertical flipping” box in the Advanced dialog.

Problem: The pages are correct but I have to re-order them manually when the booklet is finished printing.
Solution: check the “print pages in reverse” option in the Advanced dialog. You should only need to do this if you are using an inkjet or other printer where the pages must be re-ordered the when the printing process is completed.

If your pages are printed without reordering when not using FinePrint, do not use the reverse pages option. Once this is corrected, try toggling the flip pages option the manual duplex area.

Problem: When doing manual duplex, the backsides of the sheets do not have the correct pages.
Solution: Try toggling the “print pages in reverse” option in the Advanced dialog and try again. Use a 4 page document to experiment.