Multiple FinePrinters

You can create multiple “FinePrinters” each with different settings. With this feature you could create a “letterhead printer” that always prints to your color printer in 1 up layout, with no borders using your letterhead stationery to your color printer, all without having to change settings or even see the FinePrint preview window.
You can create as many FinePrinters as you need, one each for different sets of commonly used print options.

Step 1: Print a job to FinePrint. Select the layout, letterhead, stamps and other settings you want, then click the Settings icon.

Step 2: Click the Create new FinePrinter button.



After your printer is created, click Cancel.

Step 3: Your new printer is now available from the Print dialog box of all your applications. Print to your new FinePrinter as you would any other printer.