Sue C. – I feel so proud each time I go back to your home page and see all the sales you have made. It just thrills me that you are doing so well.

I have downloaded my wonderful FinePrint program on my new computer. If I need to pay an additional amount, please let me know.

I have been using your program for a long time and have told my friends and family about it. I have really enjoyed using it. I believe it is one of the very best programs for its price for any type of software.

I just printed some pictures and by using 2 up, I was able to have one photograph on top of the other. It was perfect for me as I wanted the people who were going to look at the photographs to be able to compare the two photos. There they were on one piece of paper. How perfect.

* * *

Jack S. – After using FinePrint for five years,it is my opinion that it is one of the best productivity tools available. FinePrint(FP) allows you to print from two to eight pages onto a single sheet/page. When you take advantage of the stationary templates and form factory provided, you will know why this is a must-have situation.

Any job is easy with FinePrint—and it becomes even easier with larger ones. FP allows you to read three (or more) pages as fast as you would read two pages, or 50 percent faster than you are reading right now. When you visit the FinePrint site, you will find 14 reasons why FP will allow you to save and work smarter. Consider that the U.S. PostalService and one of the Big 4 are usingthis solution, but do not stop with FinePrint, because their “pdfFactory” is another must-have, and the “server edition” provides benefits for those on a network. The ROI for this one-time cost of $50 is paid for in the first day of use.

* * *

Kim – I just wanted to let you know that, since the day I installed the demo version, I’ve used Fine Print constantly, and absolutely love it. I tried it out for about 2 days before I demanded that my department buy licenses for me and anyone else who wanted it.

I love the way I can mix-and-match individual sheets, print jobs, adding separator sheets or not, printing multiple pages on each side of a sheet. And since I’m on a shared printer with 15 other people, I’ve added my own personal “stationery” which says, “printed for KLF” at the bottom – no more “stolen” print outs!

The options you provide are all extremely useful. And according to your totals, I have a cumulative paper savings of 48%! Great work on an excellent product.

* * *

Diana S. – I must write and tell you that I downloaded your package last night after trying the trial version for a couple of days and I am absolutely delighted with it.

I have been looking for quite some time now on the web for something just like it to make little books with. The only other trial I downloaded was one called Blue Squirrel but yours is fantastic, it’s so simple to use. I write children’s stories usually about 30 pages on A4 and I have just made up my first little book with your product. I even did a cover and I just can’t believe the results. I am so pleased!!

* * *

Ron H. – I’m glad I backed a “Winner” all those years ago. You folks and your software have never failed to perform to the top!

I continure to tell everyone I know about your fine product, and I form many of my emails and gifts into “booklets” and always point out I did it with your software by simply lining up my pages, modifying posistion with your program if necessary.

I trust you continue to enjoy the success your thoughtfulness and work deserve.

* * *

Glenn P. – I have been using your products for more than 10 years, because they work, they are hassle-free, they make more compact files than any other PDF printer I have ever tried, and your support is excellent.

* * *

Ronny Ko, Bityard – When making PDF files, there’s nothing better and simpler than pdfFactory.

* * *

Antonio Rodriguez – I just wanted to tell all of you how impressed I am with this product! I initially bought Fineprint for its booklet capability, and it has delivered reliably in that function. I’ve found a lot of the other features to be a real boon as well:

Setting as default printer. I no longer hit the “Print this document” button with hesitation, because I know I can always double check the layout in FP, discard the whole job altogether, or save it for printing at a later time.

8-up. This is great for printing out reference manuals. With our duplex printer, I can print out a 112 page manual with 7 sheets of paper.

2-up, no borders, no margins. I use this for printing out SQL Server database diagrams. It combines the 2 portrait pages side by side on a single-page landscape oriented diagram with no break. 4-up works ok, too, but SQL Server breaks up the diagram with page numbering. If I may make a feature request regarding this: How about allowing drag and drop reordering of pages? It allows the user to reconstruct multi-page printouts manually.

There’s probably more but that’s all I have time to share at this moment. Thanks for the quality product.

* * *

Fred F. I am retired and living on a small pension. My wife and I and a few other friends have taken on trying to save as many homeless cats as we can here in a City of 330,000 (London Ontario) Over the last three years we have rescued 194 cats and 32 dogs and found homes for all of them. We get no money or donations from anyone, we do this all on our own, so as you can see anywhere we can save a bit we do, so there is more money for Cat & Dog food.
So where does Fineprint come into this, the savings that of course is where. I have used the trial for three years and it has saved us quite a bit of money being able to simply take out the graphics and also the grayscale option. Those two have saved about 3 colour ink cartridges. I just cannot believe that you have allowed me /us to use your fine product. I just want to Thank You for making such a wonderful service available .

* * *

John M. – Thanks for a genuinely useful program which meets the real needs of real people in the real world. Of course we have the full version of Acrobat 7 and use its facilities extensively, but 99% of our pdf files are produced with pdfFactory Pro. The way it concatenates a whole series of separate documents into one pdf file is particularly neat and proves much more reliable than importing separate pdf files into Acrobat which sometimes produces unexpected problems.