Roger R. – I occasionally have the need to print sheet music that I write using sheet music software. pdfFactory is the only software I have tried that will handle sheet music and it also does a great job on mathematical papers that I write using MS Word with Equation Editor. The PDF reader that came with the new computer does not know how to deal with the equations and reformats them to something that looks really ugly. Thanks for your excellent product!

* * *

Edward D. – Hi, I have been using the program FinePrint for many years and couldn’t possibly tell you how much I love it. My Granddaughter is going to college and I told her about FinePrint which she got excited about because she said that she could use it for the papers and reports she has to do. I don’t know if you do or not but why don’t you advertise your programs at colleges and high school as they do a lot of writing and everybody has a computer. Thanks again for a great program.

* * *

Justin J. – I can’t say how much I love FinePrint. It saved me so much money on paper while in college and continues to help me save paper and ink today. There’s always a use for FinePrint, I love it.

* * *

Michael C. – I just wanted to say thank you for producing pdfFactory.  I have been using it in trial mode for some time and I have found it a fantastic product. As a single father on a fixed income I have not been able to buy a registration before, but circumstances have changed and I have at last been able to get “legal”.

Thank you very much for a fantastic product at such a good price.

* * *

Howard Carson, KickStartNews – Initially I thought that FinePrint was just a paper saver. However, as I explored its capabilities I found many well thought out and nicely tuned features.

pdfFactory Pro does a very nice job of creating pdf files, quite often creating files that are substantially smaller in size than similar ones created by Adobe Acrobat.

One of the most useful features in pdfFactory is its ability to combine documents prior to PDF generation. This makes the creation of PDF documents from several sources a breeze.

FinePrint and pdfFactory are very fine products and worthy additions to your output arsenal. Highly Recommended. Full review

* * *

Alma D. – Thanks so much for the help, I have told every one I run into from the cable TV help desk to Mark Joyner himself about Fine Print and how easy it is to use and what a great job it does. I told our Bank Manager that they should make it available to all the staff because of the paper is saves.

I love the amount of ink I don’t have to replace as often. My printer has been the hardest thing to recover with this last phase of problems from MSN. But once the computer was able to recognize the printer, the FinePrint was right there and had not one Iota of a problem printing. The printer stats are still questionable for the printer itself. I have used FinePrint for so long, I don’t even recognize the printers’ own print when I have to print in real print mode. I think the letters look too large almost like they are in a different font then I realize that they aren’t in fine print.

If I could I’d have the whole world using Fine Print. We need to save more of everything. Thanks again and happy springtime to you all. We’ll just keep passing the word along, possibly someone will finally wake up that they need to use this program.

* * *

Nehamiah C. – Fineprint and pdfFactory Pro are amazing time saving utilities. If there was a prize for “Keep A Simple Task Simple” you guys would be in the Hall of Fame! Thanks!!

* * *

Roger Creighton, PC Primer – If you need to compress a document into a manageable size then use FinePrint to print two, four or eight pages of information onto one piece of standard paper. This is really great for the nine page newsletter I receive weekly. I can now reduce the bulk and still have a readable document. This is cool!

The program has so many features that it is difficult to pass on all the good stuff. There is a print preview, an ink saver that allows you to skip over the printing of graphics if you choose, forms and letter heads, combine print jobs, Paper scaling and on and on. Full review

I have used a lot of demos and shareware in my day, but until today I have never (and I mean NEVER) been moved to make such a quick purchase. Almost immediately I was blown away by the ease of use and the intuitive – yet powerful – functionality of both your FinePrint and pdfFactory products. Within fifteen minutes of using FinePrint, I knew I wanted it and that I needn’t look any further.

* * *

Charlie E. – My Grand Prize goes to FinePrint. I dreamt about it, Steve Anderson from TAAR Report ( recommended it, and the rest has been one blissful solution after another.

* * *

Sue C. – I feel so proud each time I go back to your home page and see all the sales you have made. It just thrills me that you are doing so well.

I have downloaded my wonderful FinePrint program on my new computer. If I need to pay an additional amount, please let me know.

I have been using your program for a long time and have told my friends and family about it. I have really enjoyed using it. I believe it is one of the very best programs for its price for any type of software.

I just printed some pictures and by using 2 up, I was able to have one photograph on top of the other. It was perfect for me as I wanted the people who were going to look at the photographs to be able to compare the two photos. There they were on one piece of paper. How perfect.