pdfFactory 7 upgrade

pdfFactory 7 highlights:

pdfFactory 7 is the fastest, most reliable, best looking release yet.  Whatever you are currently doing with pdfFactory, version 7 will be easier, smoother and more reliable.

  • New toolbar which can be resized for use with larger monitors.
  • Program font and size can be selected to enhance readability.
  • New tooltip appearance for greater clarity.
  • Clear text password display.
  • AES256 encryption.
  • New user interface dialog box centralizes previously hidden options.
  • Improved overall performance.
  • Windows 2019 Server support.

Changing the font:  Some users prefer a larger font size than is generally provided.  We added the ability to change the point size and font used in pdfFactory Pro.  Calibri 9 is the default but it looks great in Courier New and Helvetica as well.

Changing the toolbar size:  On some high resolution monitors, our old toolbar appeared too small.  We created new toolbar icons using vector drawing instead of bitmaps so they scale perfectly to any size.

Usability improvements: We moved the title field to the top of the Jobs list to make it easier to rename.  The jobs list is now at the bottom so that other controls do not move when jobs are added.

Performance improvements:  We have improved performance throughout the product, particularly in thumbnail mode.

To upgrade:

  1. download and install pdfFactory 7. DO NOT UNINSTALL pdfFactory 6
  2. print a document to pdfFactory 7. Click the Upgrade Online button which will link to the upgrade purchase page.
  3. once you have purchased, you can safely delete old version of pdfFactory. This can be done using the Add/Remove Programs item in the Windows Control Panel.
The upgrade price is $20.  The upgrade is free if you purchased pdfFactory 6 after April 1, 2019 or if you have an upgrade subscription.  Email your order confirmation to [email protected] to get the upgrade.

Our support department is available to help with any upgrade issues.