FinePrint 11 upgrade

New features:

  • PDF Viewer: Opens PDF files directly without printing
  • Enhanced colors throughout the product
  • Faster performance
  • Desktop icon for easy opening of PDF and FP files
  • Letterheads can be assigned to paper trays
  • Ability to use as the default PDF viewer

Load PDFs using SendTo.

Load PDFs using FinePrint icon.

Set FinePrint as the default PDF viewer.

To upgrade:

  1. Download and install FinePrint 11. DO NOT UNINSTALL FinePrint 10
  2. Print a document to FinePrint 11 . Click the Upgrade Online button which will link to the upgrade purchase page.
  3. Once you have purchased, you can safely delete FinePrint 10. This can be done using the Add/Remove Programs item in the Windows Control Panel.
The upgrade price is $20.  The upgrade is free if you purchased FinePrint 10 after June 1, 2021 or if you have an upgrade subscription.  Email your order confirmation to [email protected] to get the upgrade.