Buyers Guide

Here are some review excerpts from our users:

  • “…a work of art…”
  • “…gives me a little thrill every time I use it.”
  • “…as close to perfect as any program I have purchased…”
  • “…few technology products rise to the same level of ingenuity, quality, and elegance as FinePrint and pdfFactory…”

We have three products, FinePrint, pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro, workstation and server versions and a maintenance plan.  We hope this guide helps you select the right product for your needs.

FinePrint is the best choice when printing to paper or if you create PDFs using a PDF creator.  It is great for checking your work before printing, saving paper and ink, creating booklets, printing double-sided on single sided printers, condensing output to fit multiple pages on a sheet and other printer related tasks.  FinePrint also has the Notes feature which allows document signing and editing and an electronic letterhead capability.  The best way to use FinePrint is as the default printer.  By printing everything to FinePrint first, you can ensure the output is correct, improve it, remove graphics and even save ink before committing to paper. $50 or $70 bundled with pdfFactory.

pdfFactory is our most popular product for good reason.  It offers tremendous value bringing the best of FinePrint’s features such as document combining, preview, page deletion and rearranging with fast and efficient PDF creation.  It also has printing capability which makes it a great choice for a default printer setup.  pdfFactory will automatically archive PDFs and integrates easily with most email systems.  It is all most people need for typical printing and PDF creation tasks. $50.

pdfFactory Pro is our flagship product and combines the best of pdfFactory and FinePrint into a single product.  It contains basic printing functions as well full editing using Notes, letterhead, page tags and advanced PDF creation options.  It is designed to be a one-stop, simple solution for advanced PDF creation and most printing needs and is a superb default printer solution.  $100.

Our Reviews section may help in deciding based on how others are using the products.

Server Edition is required when using any remote desktop configuration such as terminal server or Citrix or when installing on a Windows server operating system as a shared printer.  The advantages of Server Edition are:

  • centralized licensing
  • centralized configuration
  • easy software updates
  • printing statistics

Purchasing: The prices on our web site are a one-time fee.  The licenses are perpetual and upgrades are not required.  Support and minor upgrades are free with purchase.  We release new major upgrades every two to three years which are available for purchase from any previous version.  Those who prefer to always have the latest version can get our upgrade subscription plan at checkout.  It is 15% of the original purchase price per year and covers the cost of major upgrades should they occur during the one year maintenance period.   You will be notified by email near the anniversary date of your subscription with the option to renew or cancel.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  We are happy to help.