Upgrading to FinePrint 9

FinePrint 9 highlights:

FinePrint 9 delivers the most requested features including page rotation, undo/redo and note rotation. It is our best work to date and a worthwhile upgrade.

  • Much faster loading and closing.
  • Multi-level undo/redo – new toolbar icons allow unlimited undo/redoundo_redo
    Ctrl-Alt-Z displays the undo history list.  Clicking on the a list item goes to that point in the execution history.
  • Rotate pages – new rotate page icon rotates in 90 degree incrementsrotate_page
  • Rotate notes – all notes can now be rotated using the rotation handle
    rotate_note rotated_note
  • Windows 10 style controls and dialog boxesopen_dialog
  • File preview and thumbnail icons in foldersfolder_icon_preview
  • New caption bar shows when file has been changedcaption_bar
  • Improved page moving with green drop indicatormove_page
  • Improved performance and reliability

Upgrading to FinePrint 9

The upgrade price to FinePrint 9 is $20. To upgrade:

  1. DO NOT UNINSTALL FinePrint 8
  2. Download and install FinePrint 9
  3. Print a document to FinePrint 9. When the About dialog box appears, click the Upgrade button and proceed with the upgrade purchase.
  4. Uninstall FinePrint 8
If you purchased FinePrint 8 after September 1, 2016 you are eligible for a free upgrade.  If you purchased maintenance with a previous purchase, send your order confirmation and we will send a new code.

Our support department is available to help with any upgrade issues.