FinePrint 11, pdfFactory 8, pdfFactory Pro 8 Beta Releases

These new beta releases have the following features in common:

  1.  Ability to open PDF files.  This allows the full richness of PDF to be retained including links, text and bookmarks. Instead of printing PDFs from Adobe Reader, create a PDF using the Save command. For example, from a browser, use the Save as PDF option in the Print dialog box.

    From a Windows folder, use the Send to option when right-clicking files:
  2. Multi-select open.  The toolbar Open command allows multiple files to be selected and opened.  PDFs will open natively and other types of files will use the Print mechanism.
  3. New toolbar with colored icons.
  4. Desktop icon.  You can now open files by dragging/dropping files onto the desktop icon.  Double clicking the desktop icon opens an empty session.  Drag/drop or use the Open icon to load files.
  5. Letterhead paper tray option.  This allows Letterheads to be accessed by the tray mechanism in some applications such as Word.
  6. pdfFactory Pro has a Settings option to automatically save FP files along with the PDF.
  7. Performance enhancements
  8. Improved connection to email systems