Server edition licensing

Elements of Server Edition Licensing:

  1. A license must be purchased for each user that accesses Server Edition (SE) through the network.
  2. The licensing is not concurrent.
  3. A single user may access SE installed on multiple servers with a single SE license.
  4. All licenses related to server use are server edition licenses. Do not purchase a server license for the server and workstation licenses for workstations.
  5. Trial mode is not permitted for any commercial purposes.  It is intended for evaluation purposes only.  This applies to workstation licensing also.


  1. if 8 different users (defined by unique usernames) will access SE on the network, purchase 8 server edition licenses regardless of whether the 8 users will access SE at different times or concurrently.
  2. if you have 20 users on your network but only 8 of them will use SE, purchase 8 server edition licenses.
  3. if you have 8 terminal server/citrix users using a single or multiple servers, purchase 8 server edition licenses.

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