Setup on multiple servers

For multiple server installations, there are two deployment approaches.  The first is to install on a print server and then share the printer to the terminal servers.  This is the simplest approach.  The second is to install on each server when the first approach is not available.

Here are the steps:

1. Install SE on all servers.

2. On any of the servers upon which SE is installed, access the Licensing tab in the Printing Preferences in the Windows Printers folder and enter the license code.  The server where the license code is entered is referred to as the “license server”.  All other servers will get the licensing information from the licensing server.

3. Click Configure and then click “other servers running…” and enter the server names in the listbox. The location of the license server will then propagate to all listed servers.

Once installed, users may access the product on the servers using a single license.