Cluster server installation

It is possible to install SE in a clustered environment.  We do not officially support this use.  Here are instructions that have worked for our customers.

FinePrint Server Edition  5.x  or later, and pdfFactory Server Edition 3.x or later can be deployed in a Microsoft Cluster Server environment.  This document outlines the procedure for installing these products under MSCS.
1. Install the product onto each physical server (node). If this is a first-time installation of the product, then no reboot will be required; subsequent installations or uninstallations will require a reboot however. Anytime you install or uninstall FinePrint or pdfFactory, the Print Spooler service and any dependent services may be stopped and started by the product’s installer. For this reason, you should pause and move the node before you install or uninstall FinePrint/pdfFactory on it.
2. Create a shared printer on the virtual cluster server.
The following instructions assume a Windows 2000-based environment with the logged-in user having administrative privileges.
  • open the Printers folder
  • double click the Add Printer icon
  • click Next on the initial Welcome screen
  • select Local Printer as the printer location. Make sure that “Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer” is NOT checked. Click Next to continue.
  • click “Create a new port”, select “Standard TCP/IP Port” as the type, and click Next. This should start the “Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port” Wizard.
  • click Next on the initial Welcome screen
  • in the “Printer Name or IP Address” field, enter You can enter any valid port name in the “Port Name” field but we suggest calling it “loopback”.
  • after a delay of several seconds to several minutes, you will see a Wizard screen saying “Additional Port Information Required”. In the “Device Type”
  • section, click Standard, select “Generic Network Card” from the combo box, then click Next.
  • click Finish to complete the TCP/IP Port Wizard and return to the Add Printer Wizard.
  • you should now be presented with a list of printer choices. In the Manufacturers list, select “FinePrint Software, LLC”; in the Printers list,
  • select either FinePrint or pdfFactory depending on which product you are installing, then click Next.
  • if you are asked to “Keep existing driver” or “Replace existing driver”,  choose “Keep existing driver” and click Next
  • when prompted for a printer name, accept the default name “FinePrint” or “pdfFactory” and click Next
  • share the printer. For the share name, we recommend  FINEPRT for FinePrint and PDFFACT for pdfFactory. Click Next to continue.
  • enter a Location and Comment if you want to, but these fields are optional.  Click Next to continue.
  • when prompted to print a test page, click No, then click Next to continue
  • click Finish to complete the wizard.
To uninstall FinePrint or pdfFactory in a Microsoft Cluster Server environment, follow these steps:
  • delete the printer from the cluster server
  • uninstall the product from each node. This will require each node to be rebooted.